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Vapor Honing


Unlike conventional sand blasting which uses brute force to clean a part and leaves a porous flat finish that needs to be coated, vapor honing uses water to lubricate and cushion the abrasive media to leave a beautiful non-pours matt finish that is harder and more stain resistant. The process is very gentle and will not remove any material which makes it perfect for parts in which tight tolerances need to be kept in check. Vapor honing will work very well on plastic parts like ignition coils and other plastic components. When used on aluminum parts like carburetors and engine parts it will return them to how they looked at day one when they were produced at the factory  which makes it the best choice by far for your restoration needs. Not only will carburetors look like new on the outside, vapor honing is the best option for cleaning the inside of your carbs also! The media is blasted through all the circuits of the carb and every surface is perfectly cleaned of residue and corrosion so you can be confident your carbs are in the best condition possible. I haven't found any other process that can come anywhere close to working as well as vapor honing for carb cleaning. Vapor honing uses no harsh chemicals so you can be rest assured that all the o-rings and gaskets will not be damaged. The water also lubricates and keeps surfaces cooled so there will be no distortion from heat that can be caused by traditional media blasting process.

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