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About Us

Urban East is a small family-owned motorcycle shop located less than a mile from the Fairfax County Pkwy & I-95 S exit in Lorton, VA. and we are proud to be one of the few shops in the area that specializes in vintage motorcycle maintenance and repair. We work on newer bikes too, so don't hesitate to reach out to us. For more information on the services we offer, please give us a call/text or check out the services page on our website. 


  It was always Brian's dream of having a motorcycle shop one day and growing up, that is all he wanted to do when he got older. In high school he thought of the name for his shop, Urban East, and stuck with it ever since. After designing the logo with the palm tree, Urban East stickers were printed for his race cars and that was the first bit of advertising for his future shop. Everyone would always ask, what does Urban East mean, and Brian would always reply "that's the shop I am going to have one day."  Growing up, Brian was surrounded by motorcycles, cars & racing. He started racing dirt bikes at age four and as soon as he was old enough to drive he started racing cars. He was always building things but also taking things apart to see how they worked. Brian and his dad, Bob, love to race dirt bikes & cars, build and create things together. One of their first projects together was a 1942 Harley Davidson 45ci Flathead build and when Brian was in high school, he built a custom Yamaha XS650 Chopper out of his basement. The XS650 build was him rebelling against the Orange County Chopper scene by making the ultimate rat bike. Brian worked a normal mechanic job, his first as a ford diesel technician and then he left there to be a technician at Mini Cooper. Of course, it is extremely difficult for someone to leave a full time job, where you know you'll have a steady income, to start your own business where you don't know what's in store for you. In late 2015, Brian was let go from his job at Mini and between Brian and his wife, Lisa, they decided what better time then now to make his dream a reality. Working out of their home garage, Lisa set up a Facebook & Instagram page for Urban East showcasing Brian's work and within a year, they outgrew their home garage. With the help of Bob, Lisa, family and friends, in October of 2016 they threw a Grand Opening Party for their new location in Lorton, VA where they are located today.  


 Urban East was founded by Brian and Lisa Audet on December 31, 2015.

Brian Audet - Owner & Creator

Brian has the ultimate passion for motorcycles and everyday he is living out his dream of owning his own shop. Can you imagine actually doing what you love everyday?

Lisa Audet - Co-Owner, The Voice of Reason & the Doer of Everything Behind the Scenes. 

Lisa started out on three wheels but look how far she's come! She literally keeps the place together and we don't know what we'd do without her. If you've ever visited our social media pages, called or e-mailed the shop...that's all her!

Bob Audet - El Jefe

We call Bob the "jefe" which means boss in Spanish because he knows everything and always has something to say. Stop by the shop on a Friday night and you're bound to hear one of his "back in my day stories" which will definitely keep you entertained.

Sam Wanous - Tech, Lead Illustrator and Purveyor of fine Dairy Products

Sam's a Minnesotan transplant to the District who starts most sentences with “Oh yeah,” or “You Betcha” and usually can be found eating string cheese while contemplating how to fix a motorcycle. He learned how to ride on a two-stroke Kawasaki KE100 Enduro on back roads in Minnesota, then learned how to survive traffic on two wheels commuting via bicycle from Northwest DC to Capitol Hill every day - rain, shine, or snow for three years. One day after a particularity exhausting bicycle commute a friend suggested he trade up to a bigger bike, a motorcycle, and he thought “how hard can it be?” Shortly after that he bought a $900 Yamaha V-Star off Craigslist which has since been taken apart and put back together countless times, and ridden it all across the East Coast and Midwest. Also a stubborn proponent of commuting no matter how “cold” it is. When he's not riding or wrenching Sam's usually drawing something that moves. 

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